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How  `I` Get 53,752 Visitors in HOW LONG!?
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"Do I have to sign up?" & Other Frequent Questions

What does "watching you" actually mean?

Am I seriously going to need to sign up with my email to see this?

Will you show me how to get free traffic or is it all paid ads?

Do you know anything about the Google Slap?

Can i just consult with you on web traffic instead?

Think of this website as a diary of an online advertising consultant.

none of the claims made here are meant to suggest or imply that ideas you "borrow" from me can get you web traffic without additional help or expertise.

this website was designed for "educational" and "entertainment" purposes.

some of my clients like to spy on what i do before they decide to hire me for traffic consulting services.

Click a question on the left if you'd like some answers before signing up to spy...

What does "watching you" actually mean?

It means when i have some exciting discovery about traffic to share, you get to know about it.

normally that's not so cool but wait till you see my Monster Traffic's a show-case of some of the laziest  ways i've ever invented to get web traffic in mass.

Sign up takes 30 seconds and you can start downloading the Monster Traffic Cheat-Sheet on the next page. promise.

Am I seriously going to need to sign-up with my email to see this?

No! not at all. i publish all kinds of "training" videos, articles, and blogs all over the internet.

However, only members get highlights delivered to their inbox, sometimes they're allowed to participate in fun traffic experiments, and all of them can download a free copy of the Monster Traffic Cheat Sheet.

if you have concerns about how your information is used & stored by this site, i've provided a human-understandable privacy policy link below.

Becoming a member is easy & free, and instant (and free again) - just fill the short form above.

"Will you show me how to get FREE traffic or are you using just paid ads?"

I'm probably best known for paid traffic because i'm author of some popular training courses and books on Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.

except the secret of MONSTER traffic is in a method i invented to use paid traffic as a "seed" for way more free exposure!

i documented how i exponentially boost free social traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress blogs.

Sign up above - the Monster Traffic Cheat-Sheet (free) shows you the documentation of how i get more traffic for very little.

Do you know anything about the "Google Slap?

Yep---new stuff i've hardly spoken about with anyone else not in my inner-most-circle of fans.

all i have space here to tell you is that the "slap" is a fiction created by gurus to sell you more of their training.

My research team and i have experimented with Quality Score for years and now know that a low landing page quality score (QS) can be a very GOOD thing instead of bad.

Login above to hear updates on the latest I've been doing to keep Adwords traffic uninterrupted.

Can't I just consult with you on traffic instead?

Yes. You can. Use the "consult me" link above or become a free member and spy on me till you're sure i know my stuff :)

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** This website has NO AFFILIATION with Google or Adwords in ANY way.**

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