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Lots of Love From the Lawyers:
(The boring, not so nice versions)

My legal team makes me include these docs. i have tried to interpret them for you as best as i can on this page. What appear below are the actual legal agreements and waivers you have to accept to use this site.

Please note, in general, we will remind you about whatever is important in these docs when applicable. I place these here for people who like courts. we don't:

Terms (The Nice Version)

The following is provided for legal purposes and is a place holder for information about liabilities, refunds, disclaimers, and all the other chicken **** stuff i have to say to cover our business' butt from mean people who like courtrooms.

If you find any holes or you have a legal issue with me, my business, or my business practices please bring it to my attention quickly and let's handle it peacably.




Our websites offer training and services for the purpose of advertising and promoting.

These activities are usually relevant to businesses and business owners who want to get the word out about their websites, products, and services. Since most businesses measure the success or failure of a technique by how much it "costs" and "how much it makes" (revenue).

Unfortunately, irresponsible use of these numbers can create unrealistic expectations from potential customers and customers and can basically make a lot of trouble for us. So in the spirit of this, please read the following terms we thought may not be immediately apparent to every visitor of our website.

We hope that this page clarifies for you what expectations we can and cannot be responsible for.


Are Our Numbers, Stats, and Dollar Claims Real?

Yes. All the numbers we share with you in training and promotional content is real. I did not get my reputation in traffic by lying.

However, in the past, whenever we shared numbers, we found it created unrealistic expectation in SOME of our subscribers. So please note the following:


a) we do not share every single test and result in our business. Which leads to ommission, most of the time. Few experiments are interesting when they fail, so we don't talk much about the techniques that don't work or our failed attempts unless they are relevant to a lesson.

On the other hand, we talk very openly about successful results. While these results are documented and can be proven in most cases, they are not necessarily going to give YOU the same result.

You should expect to spend some time and money testing any recommendation, before you should adopt it as a strategy in your own business.

There are many factors in addition to the ones we choose to highlight in our materials which also influence the result we share. Sometimes, the effect from other parts we don't talk about are more apparent than what we highlight.

So we cannot be responsible if you lose money attempting any experiment we tell you that we had a good result with.

Therefore, we recommend you exercise caution. Particularly if you take a recommendation from us that you can foresee may negatively affect your business.

Ultimately, you know your business far better than we do and our strategies and tips are general and generic ones.


b) we are not lawyers, accountants, or licensed business consultants. All advice and recommendation given here is based on actual experience i gained on the field. In fact, i am a computer scientist by profession and probably should not be trusted for business advice.

All the same, whatever I do seems to be valuable since i am hired and consulted with by some of the top online businesses and have successfully been building online businesses of my own for years.

Be warned. Any training, promotional material, or content on this website should be taken with a grain of salt and if you expect that it comes from a "licensed professional" then i am sorry you are mistaken.

I'm not a licensed business consultant and none of my advice should be taken in isolation of proper legal and business council.


c) just because we recommend something doesn't mean you NEED it. We thought this was obvious, but some people weren't sure. Although our promotional materials will often recommend highly to you a product or service (ours or somebody else's), you do not necessarily need it to succeed in advertising your business on the internet.

You have the choice to reject or accept any offer. And in most cases, despite limited-time specials and limited-seat specials, nothing is ever "once in a life time". Similar and sometimes even the same offers will come up again and again.

So please, if you're tight on money and your family is starving, please refrain from buying any product or service no matter how good the offer sounds.


d) we are not responsible for 3rd party products & services we recommend. In many cases, we suggest you use the products and services of others. We strive to check the quality of all products and services we offer our subscribers and customers. And have either ourselves been very happy customers of the same product or service...or we're repaying a favour to a friend whose work we trust.

However, this does not mean we are responsible should you be unhappy with the product or service they offer.

In all cases we recommend the products of others, we send you directly to their websites. When you are no longer inside our website, these terms and conditions no longer cover you. And you will need to review the terms and conditions on subsequent websites you reach from our content.

We will do our best to recommend products and services which have a simple cancellation & refund process.

But if for some reason you are unhappy with the product or service we recommend, you should take it up with the product/service's vendor.

Please note that when we promote actively or passively the products of others, we usually also try to collect a referral commission. The exact dollar amount we get varies from product to product but our share typically reaches on average 50% on digital products.

While I may receive compensation for my recommendations, I have in the past recommended without it...many of the products and services i use myself. And since i've used them for years and sent them many loyal customers, i decided it was fair to be paid for the referral now.

Some products I recommend, I have never bought nor tried.

This happens frequently when friends ask for a favour to promote a product or service of theirs. It's hard to say no and there's a lot of politics involved. So the best I can do is to only promote people i trust to my subscribers and customers.

With that in mind, and as a general rule, decide for yourself on an individual basis if each product or service i suggest is right for you.


e) we are not responsible for any criminal misuse of our information. The information here is provided for educational purposes and must not be used in conjunction with any illegal, border-line illegal, or criminal activities.

In addition, i do not give permission for this content to be used to promote gambling, pornography, and debt services from an ethical and moral standpoint.


f) we do not guarantee you will ever succeed in marketing your products online. It is impossible for us to know if you'll do well marketing your product or service online or not.

Some products and services do not sell well on the internet.

Some products and services require additional contact such as telephone and direct mail. I cannot advise on these matters as I have no skill in them.

Some products and services are illegal and do not do well ANYWHERE and you may not use my recommendations to promote them or to break the law. I will not be responsible for any misuse of the informaiton.

Some people are not suited for selling on video.

Some people are not suited to be photographed.

Some people are not suited to sell in audio.

Some people should not write.

Some people cannot do or learn anything technical on their own.

Some people have zero imagination and want to copy everyone else's path to success.

Some people just want to "get rich quick".

All of these are reasons that a person will fail advertising on the internet with our strategies. This advice is to be used in conjunction with good business to IMPROVE your results.

Beginners may find some of the information handy, but it is by no means presented as a comprehensive training on all matters related to advertising on the internet.



We are not affiliated nor do we intend to represent ourselves as connected in any way or to have any insider information from:

Google and the Adwords program, Yahoo and the Sponsored Search program, Bing and their sponsored search program, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Nor are we a part of any other organisation, network marketing company, home business, direct selling association, or affiliate program.

In fact, I am NOT a distributor for any direct selling company at this time.

While we do advertise on related terms, some of which are brands, we go out of our way to ensure that we do not confuse visitors into thinking that we represent the brands of others.

If you have issue with our use of your brand in advertising or content. Or if you believe we're making a misrepresented affiliation, please contact us and let us know so we can resolve this immediately!


Trademarks & Copyrights

We do NOT intend to infringe on the trademarks or copyrights of others.

If you believe we have infringed on any of your rights, please contact us immediately to resolve this.



Any testimonials we share are true stories with real results and from real satisfied customers of ours.

However, we do not recommend you purchase any product or service from us or our associates and friends SOLELY on the basis of testimonials. Because they can create unrealistic results. Here's why:


a) testimonials do not represent the NORM. The nature of testimonials is to show the maximum potential result you can achieve with the product or service.

Which is why they are always so exciting for us to receive and share. Unfortunately, because some people see these testimonials and believe they will get the same result just merely by purchasing a product or service, we've had to add this section.

Testimonials, as a rule, represent the maximum possible potential.

The reality is, that 80% of people buy products and services from this website and its associates, and then do not read or use them. Which leaves 20% who actually try to make use of their purchase.

16% use/interpret the product or service incorrectly and fail to follow instructions all the way to the end.

Which leaves 4% of the people who buy the product or service from which the successful testimonials are drawn.


b) this website and its partners sometimes solicit testimonials. Not all testimonials just come to us as inspired feedback from customers. We often re-visit past customers and ask them for feedback.

From their feedback we choose the best to use when promoting our products.

Although I do receive countless testimonials in the form of social network private messages, public messages, blog comments, and emails, assume that this is not the normal way i get testimonials.

As a rule, assume all testimonials have been asked for.


c) external testimonials about our products are not necessarily true. We cannot be responsible for testimonials and reviews created by others about our website or our products if they are not a part of our website.

External testimonials are reviews or information found about our website residing on different websites from ours.

All information found OUTSIDE this website has not been approved by us.

We do not recommend that you order any product or service through us based on information from an outside source. We can only control the content of this website.


Affiliate Products (Recommendations)

We often recommend products and services to our subscribers and past customers.

In most cases, we are paid a percentage on every sale of any product or service we recommend authored by someone outside this website. This is called an "affiliate commission".

The exact percentage and dollar amount of an affiliate commission varies from product to product and depends on its price, nature, and delivery. Here are some typical guidelines to work from:

For digital products (eg, ebook, webinar, teleseminar), the average industry standard commission is 50%.

For physical products (anything sent to you by mail), affiliate commission can be much, much lower.

Live training typically pays the industry standard of 25%.

And services usually pay a very small percentage of each sale, but we are paid it monthly and it helps us pay the bills for the website.

Understand that recommendations we make do not pay enough on individual sales to be worth a tainted reputation. So here are the two types of recommendations we make for the products of others:


a) Products & Services We Use or Have Used:

There is a set of products and services every online business owner must have. I have found the best ones that I like and I consider them "tools of the trade" for almost any online business owner.

I have, over the course of my online marketing career, recommended to HUNDREDS of clients these services. My clients became loyal fans of these products and services. And I made the recommendation without receiving compensation.

In short, these products, i would recommend WITH or WITHOUT compensation because i truly believe in them.

Recently, I decided it was time those companies compensated me for helping them get so popular.


b) NEW Products & Services

In every industry there's politics. And online advertising is no different.

To survive, we have to create partnerships and relationships with others in the same industry as us. For this reason, when fellow "trainers" and "marketers" ask us to help them get the word out about a new product or service they just released...we sometimes have to oblige.

We call these deals, "JV" or "Joint Venture".

In this case, a vendor creates a new product or service. Then asks a number of people who have a loyal customer base to offer that product or service to their customers.

"JV" deals usually pay commissions like affiliate products do. But we favour them less.

Because we have less choice and smaller opportunity to check the quality of the product is up to our standard.

In most cases, I avoid JV deals, although they can be VERY lucrative if i were to accept them more often.

Please consider any promotion I make to an associate's product or service as just a recommendation to "look" not buy. And if the product or service suits you and you like it, and you're happy with the refund policy, by all means go ahead.

When purchasing products or services sold through a vendor different from this website, you are no longer covered by this webpage of terms and conditions.


For physical products, such as Manipulation2015, DIYSuperTrafficMachine, all sales are final (ie, we do not give you a refund just by you asking).

For subscription based products, we do not offer any refunds for used or unused materials. However cancelling your account is always easy. Simply email us at or use the provided cancellation links.

For products you order and buy through Clickbank, we have a 100% full money-back guarantee for upto 60 days from purchase. Please read more about their terms here

For electronic products (such as eBooks and Membership areas) ordered through Paypal (except when Clickbank is the processor), there is a 100% no questions asked refund policy for up to 72 hours from purchase.

For services such as DFYT and live events, webinars, etc, all sales are final unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Refunds are usually not offered on services. Services take time. It is not possible for us to take back what we've given you after you've taken it. So please make your decisions carefully. We encourage you to communicate with us and ask any questions for clarification about what is included and what is not included.

If you do have an issue with a product you bought from me in the past, please contact me.


You may cancel any ongoing billing at ANY TIME. For Clickbank products, see the Clickbank cancellation policy here.Starting from the next billing cycle, you will not be billed. You may not, however, request refunds for unused time or for previous periods.

If you do have an issue with a membership you have from me or one of my businesses in the past, please contact me.

Unhappy Customers

The worst thing a business can do is create unhappy customers. So if you're upset with me, my business, or my business practices, please accept my apology.

I would like to do whatever it takes to win you back and make you a happy customer again. So don't hold in your anger inside. Contact me by email or even give me a call to let me know why you're angry with my business and what i can do to make you happy.


Jim Yaghi

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