Once in a while, it helps to talk to someone about the direction of your home business.

If you’ve been feeling a little lost and overwhelmed and you don’t know what online business to start, or you aren’t sure how to get started marketing your business…. then your prayers have been answered.

I’ve created a special package to help you find your way.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Click the big fat yellow button below to request a consultation with me.

Step 2. Don’t forget to fill the survey form on the next page…it’s important!

Step 3. My staff will receive your request and get in touch by email to arrange a time convenient for you to speak with me on the telephone.

Step 4. I will call you at the set time and give you wise council 🙂

Step 5. You will go do what i say, and then you’re on your way to a gazillion-dollar-business. Maybe not quite that big, but considering how confused you were at Step 1, you’ll be on your way quickly.


The consultation lasts for TWO HOURS. Make sure to take advantage of it.

It’s all very simple. You get to ask me anything you want on this call–no restrictions.

I’ll answer all your questions and give you a direct path to get to where you want. Tell me any problems or challenges you’re facing and we’ll come to a solution real quick.

How to Prepare for Your Call

  • Make sure you are somewhere with good reception that’s quiet.
  • Plan to be near your computer; there’s often visual stuff we have to exchange and it’s easier with a computer nearby.
  • Have something to take notes on
  • Write out any questions you have for me in advance, so you don’t forget them!

Here are some ideas for questions you can ask:

  • What is best for me? Business opportunity or affiliate program?
  • Which type of advertising will do better with my business objectives?
  • How can I market this if I have very little advertising money?
  • How do you make your hair so pointy? (not the most useful use of our time, but some people just NEED to know lol).

What’s it gonna cost?

I thought about pricing this deal at the same rate I charge hourly for consulting. But I did not believe the intended audience would be able to take advantage of the deal at that price. After some thought, I decided I’d be willing to talk with you at a reduced rate.

Under a couple of conditions:

  1. You only use this service ONE time. i actually think you learn better by discovering answers on your own. ONE “Lend a Hand” call is enough. If you already got a “Lend a Hand” call from me, then do not proceed! Raah! Shoo, Scram lol.
  2. You allow me to record the conversation for study at our Lab. Our scientists will dissect the interview process and from it, develop training material for our certified coaches.

If you find these conditions reasonable, which i believe they are…then I will “Lend a Hand” to you on a TWO-hour phone consultation for just $997.


Yes, Jim. The “Lend a Hand” Call is exactly what I need.
Add it to the cart, let’s go!

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