Every good thing must come to an end. In time, YaghiLabs too will come to an end and it will be brought about by corruption and greed.

A time will come when our values will be mere figments and memories. When power and money amongst our own will rot us from the inside out. Some of our descendants might say, “YaghiLabs? I heard of it once before. It was a big deal, long ago.”

That would be all they know.

Before that day comes, there will be two camps. Those whose greed and love for power had driven them to manipulate these values and alter the words to serve themselves and no other; and those who believed in them, upheld them, and fought to hold onto them to serve humanity.

In preparation for that day, let us create a self-sustaining, self-governing system you can pass onto your children; and they onto theirs.

I have proposed a simple mechanism for each Micro-Business to have their own philanthropic fund; let us agree that an obligatory 2.5% of all our earnings is passed into the Public Relations division of each of our Advisory Councils (each Micro-Business has one). Let us then each decide our own charities and non-profit projects to pass on and systematise this for our descendants to follow, so that forever, the good deeds of Yaghi Labs will be known and remembered.

Then let us all strive for a higher purpose than money, power, and greed so we may win against the corrupt even after we are long gone.

On Behalf of Yaghi Labs,

Jim Yaghi
YaghiLabs Founder

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